How To Make Aadhaar Card Link From Airtel Number

Please pay attention! Before the date 06 February 2018, it is important to link to your Mobile Number base card, otherwise, your services may be interrupted and your number may be closed.

As you all know, the Aadhaar card has been made necessary in every work. Whether it is to link the base with a bank account or a PAN card.

The Government has now made the Aadhaar card necessary for taking a SIM card, you can not take a new SIM card even without any basis. Along with the SIM card which is taken from any other ID proof and with whom no Aadhar card has been linked, they will have to link their Aadhaar card with the mobile number as soon as possible.

If you have too many SIM CARDs that were taken from the other ID Proof and are not linked to the Aadhar card, then do this work now.

Here I am going to tell Airtel users how to link your card to your Airtel Mobile Number.
This is less than 5 minutes, so do not think that you do not have the time.

Airtel has requested its customers to link the aadhar card to your mobile number before 6/02/2018 otherwise their services may be interrupted.

If you are an Airtel customer then follow this guide and add your Aadhaar card to your mobile number.
A - Get your mobile number, go to the nearest Airtel Store with Aadhar card, now even Mobile Shops also provide this facility that you can visit your nearest Mobile Shop.
B - Visit the Mobile Shop or Airtel Store and tell it to link to the Aadhar card Mobile number.
C -  Now the person in front will send OTP to your Airtel Mobile Number, that OTP has to tell you.
D -  Now you have to give your Aadhaar number and complete the Biometric Authentication. Your Fingerprint is scanned in Biometric Authentication. We also call it e-KYC. In which you have to keep your finger on the Fingerprint Scanner machine and after the successful Scan, the e-KYC process is completed.

E - After the 24-hours after the e-KYC process, a confirmation SMS will appear on your mobile number, in which case you have to type Y and send it

Take your Airtel Number Successfully linked to Aadhaar card. Explain that this work is free of cost and there is no charge.

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