How to Create Facebook Page for your Business

Hi Friends, If you want to create a Facebook Page for your business, blog, website, etc. then you are in the right place.

We all know any popular item has its own Facebook page. Such as a Facebook page about a Celebrity or a Facebook page about something special.

Not only this, we can also entertain people through the Facebook page and can enhance their knowledge as well. Because it can do the infinite people like and find its post on its timeline.

STEP 1. First, log into your Facebook account.

STEP 2.> Now click to create the Facebook page.

STEP 3.> Here you first have to select the category of your page. I would recommend that to make your page easy, select "Cause Or Community" and click on it (you can change it later).

STEP 4.> After this, enter the name of your Facebook page in its box and click on "Get Started".

STEP 5.> Here you will open an "About Page" like the one pictured below, in which you have to write about your Facebook Page.

1. Write about your page in the first box.
2. If your page has any website in the second box, then link it there.
2. In the third box, you can set a unique address of your Facebook page.

STEP 6.> You will now be on the Profile Picture Tab in the next box. Here you can put a profile picture of your Facebook Page.

To upload it from your computer, click "Upload From Computer" and select the photo and click on Upload.

Then click on "Save Photo" and continue.

Step7: add cover photo

And this way your Facebook page is ready and you can now make the necessary changes if you want.


What is Content Marketing?

Nowadays we have been hearing a lot about Digital Marketing, the largest part of it is #Content Marketing.

First of all, we will see what is this content?

Content means all things that you see in a website or newspaper such as Images, Texts, Videos etc. The main reason to use this is to attract people. Draw more and more people towards yourself. Large sadi big companies adopt this strategy.

Content marketing means in simple terms to create such content and to reach the logo Which are related to their products and the people come to them. It can also say that the story is telling but it should be attractive.

Parts  of Content Marketing

Images are the most important part of content marketing. You just have to go through a single image Can reach the logo For example, there is an image that is a photograph of that the perticular thing is related to a cricket or sports related product or virat kohli in which he is in the cricket jersey, then you can estimate there may be a commercial ad.

2. Text
It is used to tell what exactly the cellar wants to tell? If there is a complete
picture of him about the picture of a shoe, what is the specialty of the shoes
and the people will love to buy it.
Anything can be reached by this very soon. Such as promoting a product by 
advertising on TV.If a company uses it to sell its products, then it is considered
to be the best step. In today's era, social media is used by everyone,it is 
mostly used by most major brands Because he can pay advertising on social media.
4. Infographics Images

It means writing the text above the images. If a car company wants to market a new car of its own
then he writes the photographs of his car along with his features, so that the people can get all 
the news in one place. 

Nowadays digital marketing is accumulating in the whole world. Seeing it It can be assumed that what will be dominated in the coming years. As the main part of content marketing, its importance has increased. We know that anyone hires content writers with a new website or blog because they know what is it about?

How to make the pen drive bootable

Today, installing a window in any computer is a common thing, but if your dvd is bad then friends? So what will you do in this situation? Yes, in today's scenario, pen drive is how to create a window. That is to say, how to make the Pen drive bootable. By which we will be able to install windows in the computer repeatedly....

How to create a pen drive bootable, to install windows?

Making a pen drive bootable is very important because without a pen drive you can’not install a bootable window. You can make any window bootable, just copy files from that window cd, such as window-xp , got window-7, got done window-8

Let us know that we must do the boot-up.

A-4GB Pendrive minimun

B- WIN TO FLASH | Which you download from here.
     Win to Flash

C- windows copy files This means that you have copied files of window cd that you do not have if you do not have it. Or you can search on the internet, these files will be around 2.5gb.

how to bootable steps by steps Tips-

Step 1. Open Win to Flash software

Step 2. Opening the software will accept some agreement, accept it next.

Step 3. A Wizard will open in front of you, you have to click on the select button, it will

 Show your pen drive. And look at the above, you have to select a file that has been copied to the window.

Step 4. Click on the select button, a popup of Browse for folder will open, in which you have to select the folder that was copied to the windows files from window CD

Step 5. After selection, now you do NEXT.

Step 6. Next will show you a WARNING, keep it going.

1- There will be an agreement on continuing, I do accept the term ... click on it and continue again. Now the pen drive is getting boot.

2-It will take a while to boot. Wait a while.

3-When you're done, please do it next.

4-Just got the pen drive ready. Now you close the win to flash.

E-Now you can now install a window in any computer.

How to Make Blog Popular or Traffics in a Short Time

Today we have brought you a interesting information, which is all about "Blogging" Blogging.

Blog What happens, how do I create? All these people will know, Blog is an information-giving website. In this you have to enter or get information according to your interest.

To create a blog, you can use any platform online, such as Blogger, WordPress etc.
If you have started or started a new blog then you should first be aware that how to promote a blog by creating a blog and how to work on it we will cover in this post. In our previous post, we had to tell what things should be done before starting the blog and stepping into the blogging world.

There are some things in Beginners' mind about how to increase your blog traffic, how to increase your blog's search engine rank, how to grow your blog audience, how to get your blog to top at Google, or how to quickly make your website popular Make, increase blog traffic on blogger, all these questions are our minds.

How to Make Blog Popular or Traffics in a Short Time

Social media has a lot of big business today, even so many big and big movements are also organized. With social media we can also connect with many new people, and also join.

Through Social Media, we can also promote our blog easily because it makes us easier to get posting and traffic. In order to make our blog popular, we should join social media on people who are interested in the topic of our blog and also want to read their posts, in such a way, we should share them with our blog.

How to Submit Website Blog to Google Webmaster Tools

When we create a website, the most important thing is to know how the Website Address is added to a search engine list like Google. Some new people make a free / paid website but forget to submit / add the website to the search engine. Some people also do not know how to submit the website to Google or other search engine. Whenever I talk to new people who do not know about Google Webmaster Tools. Some people do not know how Google search engine works.

They think that it takes money to add their website to the list on Google or other search engine. Not at all, you can show your website blog in Google Search for free. All you have to do is work on something that is helping Google to bring your blog into search, is "Google Webmaster Tools"

What is Google Webmaster Tools

Google Web Search Tools (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) are also called Google Webmaster Tools. These are free tools. Which brings and control your website in search. Bring it to the search engine. Have you ever seen many websites on the internet to search something, how is it all? Google Webmaster Tools does all this work, GWT was the first Google search console name, now its name has changed.

There are many search engines in addition to Google, Bing, Yahoo,, DuckDuck Go, Baidu and other search engines. But Google is the largest search engine, we all know, because 90% of people search Google for their problems. That's why Google is the best engine to increase traffic on the blog, and anyway Google gives the most money in ads Earning.

How to submit your blog to Google Webmaster Tools

1-Now go to Webmaster Tools by clicking on "Search Console"

2-  After clicking on Next Search Console the next page will open, enter the URL of the blog and click Add a property.

3- After clicking Add a Property, a new page will open, which will have to verify the blog, there will be a lot of options available to verify.- Recommended Method 2. Alternative Method

4- Click on the 2nd option "Alternative Method"

5- Click on "HTML Tag" and copy code

6- Go to and open your website.

7- Click on the theme >> Edit HTML >>, many HTML codes will appear there.

8- In that code, press Control + F to search <head>

9- In Step 5, paste the code that you copied, paste it under the code <Head> or save the theme.

10- Finally "press" verify button to verify blog

After clicking "Verify" you will see a Successful Message. Click on "continue"

4 Great Ads Networks for New Bloggers

Are you a new blogger? Or are you looking for an ad network so that you can monetize your new and low traffic blog?
Today I'm going to tell you about 4 advertising networks, which are quite beneficial for new bloggers

Adsense is undoubtedly the best advertising platfrom because its ads have a great quality, but the problem is that getting approval of AdSense is not so easy. Even having a 6-month-old domain is also a myth. Not everyone is lucky to get quick approval from AdSense
Unique content is not a factor to get AdSense approval. There are many other factors that AdSense sees in your website before it approves you. Small blogs generally do not get the approval of AdSense so easily, so I have found some other ad networks for new and small bloggers.

4 Ads Networks for small publishers, for quick approval

1- PopAds - Join here 
2 - Propellerads - Join here 
3 - Chitika - Join here 
4 - Infolinks - Join here

Useful tools for internet digital marketing

If you have some useful internet digital marketing tools, you will be able to make an internet marketing campaign easier. If you have any questions about internet digital marketing You have a marketing process that has been promoted to your brand / website as well as to the internet.

The issue of marketing through the marketing process depends on the like-
1 - SEO [search engine optimization]
2 - SMO, SMM [social media optimization, social media marketing]
3 - Email marketing
4 - Video marketing
5 - Blogging
6 - Google Adwords

The goal of Internet digital marketing is to make your brand competitive, which allows users to access the products and services of their users.

So let's tell you some tools that will help you make this process even more efficiently.

Free images Website

Digital internet marketing images / photos is very also known as "1 image expresses 1000 words". If you are a blogging person or your business website, you will be able to upload your images.Above is the royalty free or any other stock images, which has not been used by any other copyright issue. free stock photos has many useful websites where you can use an issue to get your views like

Free images - Click here
PexelsClick here
PixabayClick here

Getty ImagesClick here

Word Editing

If you have any questions about this digital marketing tool, please help I've got a free online image of the image / photo that I can read. You have a creative background that can help you with your mobile design.

You have the option to open the online tool tab, and you can create a creative image for your blog / site, even with your text. This tool gives you the ideas and ideas for designing websites.



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