Which Blogspot Vs WordPress Is Better? What do you use

Hello Bloggers, today we will tell you what is better with BlogSpot Vs WordPress and what you use as well as what is the difference between BlogSpot and WordPress.
Many bloggers make their own blog on what they like best because they do not know much about Deference. Let's remove your complete confusion today. Today we will tell you the details of what is better than what you use in BlogSpot Vs WordPress. So that you can make your blog according to your interest.

So let's know what's the difference between BlogSpot and WordPress. What's Better in BlogSpot Vs WordPress?

Blogspot Vs WordPress

BlogSpot is a blogging service provided by Google. It's Free, Reliable and Enough to Publish Your Content. Well, it is not in your control. Google handles it and at any time the right to stop it is Google.

You can use WordPress to host your own Web Site. You can decide for yourself how long you want to run this website and when you want to stop it. Owner of your data or content will own you. You can decide on how much data you have to share with your third party or not, and you can decide on yourself.


BlogSpot Provides Us to By Default Limited Set Of Templates. You can Modify Colors And Layout from Built-In Tools. But you can not make your own layout to any modifications. Well some non-official Blogger Templates are available, but those templates are usually of very low quality.

Thousands of Free and Premium WordPress Themes on WordPress that allow you to create Professional Looking Websites. You can install any Plenty Of High Quality Themes in WordPress which is easy to Modify and Customize.


Google offers you just some tools at BlogSpot to work on your blog. So what you have to do on your blog is limited. You can not extend it to meet your needs

Worpress is an open source software. You can easily extend it to add anything new. There are thousands of wordpress plugins that allow you to Modify and Extend your Default Feature.

Storage Space

In BlogSpot you get just 1GB of space. And you can also connect it to your Google+ account if you want more storage.

Have to take a WordPress hosting, which is about 300-500 / month. And it also becomes your domain and Unlimited Space too.


Very limited support is available in BlogSpot. Their very basic Documentation and A User's Forum is. Speaking of Means Support, your Choices are very limited.

WordPress has a very active Community Support System. That's Online Documentation, Community Forums and IRC Chat-Rooms, from where you get help from WordPress Users and Developers. Apart from this, the company offers you Premium Support too.


Moving your site into a different platform in BlogSpot is a very complicated task. In this you can do your SEO Loose. Well Google gives you the permissions that you can export your data but your data is stored on Google's server for a long time.

Using WordPress you can move your website anywhere. You can have your WordPress Site New Host. You can change its domain name. You can also move to Use Content Management Systems as well.


BlogSpot gives you a strong robust Secure Platform. You do not have any Tension to make your Server's Resources, Blog Security or Backup's Create.

WordPress is a Hosted means to yourself, so you have to get Security and Backups Jump Responsibility. There are many WordPress Plugins that you can easily do this.

So this was the difference between BlogSpot and Wordpress, I think it will make it easier for you to choose Better Platform.

How to Reduce bounce rates of your Website

Visitors coming to your web page, if they stop without reading it, then it is called a bounce in technical language. In the previous article, you had to know what the bounce rate is. The bounce rate is the percentage of total webpage closure and the total percentage of total visitors. If your website has a bounce rate below 30% then your hard work is successful. If it is more than 60% then it will work harder and harder.

Bounce Rate Reduction Tips

A. The perfect web design

Use Visitor's Choice Graphics while designing the web. Avoid using flamboyant and dull colors. The easier that the website will be, the easier it will be to access.

B. The content of the Meaning of Visitors

Publish the content of your visitors' visitors on the website. Try to write good and good. Tell things in clear and simple words.

C. Using Multimedia

Visitors can be prevented by using multimedia on the website. It is easier to see and hear than reading. So do not forget to use good picture, audio, and video.

D. Keep page load time down

It is very important to optimize page load time. Using multi media increases Page Load Time If the page took more time to open, then visitors would go to another website.

E. Use of Keywords

You can use keyword research tools to search keywords related to your topic. Keywords attract readers but do not bring readers to the web page by putting misleading keywords. If they do not get any work information, they will immediately stop the page. Thereby increasing the bounce rate.

F. Mobile Friendly Site

You should make your site mobile friendly. So that mobile visitors can read your back page on the Internet too.

G. Longer Articles

At least 300 words should be given information on every web page. By which the reader should take time to read and lower the bounce rate.

H. Keep the category low

With more category, content is reduced in every category. So that the visitors think that the content on the site is low. This is the main reason for the visitors to close their pages. If the categories are reduced, then the visitors become a mindset to stop in the category of their choice.


How to Increase blog traffic in Easy Way

If you really think so. Should increase Traffic of my blog. Then read the post carefully. Actually, there is no secret to increasing traffic to Blog. There is only one secret to get Traffic at Blog. That is SEO If you understand SEO correctly So no competitor in the world can stop your blog from coming to Top Position.

That is why, in today, I will tell you the correct way to increase the traffic of Blog. With which you can easily increase traffic to Blog So, let's know how Blog Traffic increases traffic to Blogs.

How to Increase Blog Traffic by Page Optimize

A) Optimize Webpage: Launch of Traffic on our Blog is started from the Webpage, how do you think? Friends, in fact, this is the difference between a blog and a website, a website is Traffic Receive from the homepage itself. For example, if anyone on YouTube wants to watch a video So he goes to Direct YouTube's Homepage, and YouTube gets Traffic, but Blog does not have this. Our entire site gets Traffic from our web pages, For example, you searched on the Internet. How to "Increase the Blog Traffic", Search Engine will show the Webpage of every single blog in front of you.
Let me just explain to you, that, our Total Blog gets Traffic from Single-Single Web page. That's why, first of all, optimize your web page. Write SEO Friendly to Your Post Then your Blog post will be eligible for High Rank. And High Rank means Organic Traffic.
To Optimize Post, follow On-Page SEO, Focus on Image, Heading, Paragraph Focus Keyword and Content Writing in Post.

B) Link Building: - To increase the traffic of Blog, it is important to optimize Post. Link Building is also essential. Link Building is the only way to do this. Which also comes in On-Page SEO. And in Off Page SEO, on the other hand, when you do internal linking on your web page. So it comes in Type On-Page. And when you leave the link to your site on any other site. We also call it Back-Link, it comes in Type Off-Page.
There are also many types of links available in the link. For example, to increase Traffic of Blog on Internal Link, Backlink, Broken Link, Anchor Text, you just have to Focus on 2 types -

1) Internal Link: - When you write an article, Advertise Related 4-5 Link of the topic in that article. It has considerable advantages. As such, Search Robot quickly learns about your post. Second, the visitor goes to your Old Post. And Traffic of our Blog increases. And the most important Internal Linking comes from Old Post to Link Juice. And there is an increase in their ranking.

2) Backlink: - To increase the traffic of Blog, the most important is Backlink, Backlink and How to create. We have already seen this. Still, try to tell you. Hyper Link of our Site is present on any other site, and getting Traffic from our Blog from that Link's Other Site, this is called Backlink. And it happens, when we publish a post. Then GoogleBotes crawls it. While crawling, he does ANALYSE our web page properly. First, it scans Page Optimization. He sees this, whether or not this band has optimized Page correctly.
Almost all Blogger optimize the page for you and yourself. So the question comes in front of the search engine. That's it, who do you know? That's why he has the same method. Backlinks! Who will have a quality backlink? He will be ranked in the same way.

3) Get Help Of Social Media: - There was a time earlier, Blog's Traffic just grew in organic way. But this is not the case. If you focus on the promotion of Blog more than Chating on Social Media. So you will be successful enough to increase Blog Traffic. everyone knows. That's the trend of Social Media in the minds of the present-day youth. We just have to do this. That's to create a page for every blog on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+. And to link the new article every day. This will bring High Traffic to our blog.


How to install WordPress plugins in your Website

One of the most basic things you should know at the time of your self-hosted WordPress blog is how to install WordPress plugins. There are many ways to install plugins in WordPress blog, you can quickly install WordPress plugin by selecting one of these three methods:

A- Searching and installing from the Dashboard
B- Upload and install .zip folder in WordPress.
C- Installing via FTP
How to install plugins from the WordPress Dashboard?

If you want to search the plugin from the wordpress plugin repo, simply go to the name of plugin and do a search from the dashboard and install the plugin.

Login to your WordPress dashboard
Add New
If you want to install a plugin, search for it.
Click on Install Now
Activate the plugin and configure its settings.


How to check your PAN card number online

What is your PAN Card number? I know you will check your PAN card to know, there will be only a few people who remember their PAN number.

Now suppose your PAN card is lost somewhere then you must know that you can apply for the online duplicate pan card but for that, the information of PAN number is necessary, if you do not remember the PAN number then you will not be able to.

Then what will you do in such a situation, you do not have to remember your PAN number, how do the duplicate PAN card order?

There will be many such occasions when you will need your PAN number but you will not have any information about it.
Do not worry, you can see your PAN card number online in just a few minutes.
First of all, you have to go to Know your pan page on Income Tax. You can see the link below.

Income Tax Know Your Pan

A - On the Know Your PAN page you have to fill all the details of the (*) mark.
Surname: Type your surname
First Name: Type your name
Status: Select Individual Here
Gender: Select your gender male/female
Date of Birth: Type your Birth Date
Mobile Number: From Pan Card, which you have no mobile number Typed it
After filling all these details, submit it.

B - Now on the next screen, you have to enter the OTP which will be received on your PAN card registered Mobile number.

Enter OTP and click Validate
C- Now in the next screen you have to type your Father's Name Surname and submit it.
D- Just now you can see your PAN Card Number on the next page.

So in this way, you can check your PAN number online, for this, you do not have to fill certain details, just put your name and father's name. Yes, if you do not remember the mobile number then nothing can do.


How To Make Aadhaar Card Link From Airtel Number

Please pay attention! Before the date 06 February 2018, it is important to link to your Mobile Number base card, otherwise, your services may be interrupted and your number may be closed.

As you all know, the Aadhaar card has been made necessary in every work. Whether it is to link the base with a bank account or a PAN card.

The Government has now made the Aadhaar card necessary for taking a SIM card, you can not take a new SIM card even without any basis. Along with the SIM card which is taken from any other ID proof and with whom no Aadhar card has been linked, they will have to link their Aadhaar card with the mobile number as soon as possible.

If you have too many SIM CARDs that were taken from the other ID Proof and are not linked to the Aadhar card, then do this work now.

Here I am going to tell Airtel users how to link your card to your Airtel Mobile Number.
This is less than 5 minutes, so do not think that you do not have the time.

Airtel has requested its customers to link the aadhar card to your mobile number before 6/02/2018 otherwise their services may be interrupted.

If you are an Airtel customer then follow this guide and add your Aadhaar card to your mobile number.
A - Get your mobile number, go to the nearest Airtel Store with Aadhar card, now even Mobile Shops also provide this facility that you can visit your nearest Mobile Shop.
B - Visit the Mobile Shop or Airtel Store and tell it to link to the Aadhar card Mobile number.
C -  Now the person in front will send OTP to your Airtel Mobile Number, that OTP has to tell you.
D -  Now you have to give your Aadhaar number and complete the Biometric Authentication. Your Fingerprint is scanned in Biometric Authentication. We also call it e-KYC. In which you have to keep your finger on the Fingerprint Scanner machine and after the successful Scan, the e-KYC process is completed.

E - After the 24-hours after the e-KYC process, a confirmation SMS will appear on your mobile number, in which case you have to type Y and send it

Take your Airtel Number Successfully linked to Aadhaar card. Explain that this work is free of cost and there is no charge.


Whatsapp's Video Calling Feature

Now this feature has been rolled out for Android, iPhone, and Windows users.
All you have to do now is whether you have Android or whether the iPhone is, updating your WhatsApp with a newer version. 

If your phone has automatic updates set then maybe your WhatsApp is already updated, but if not, you will have to update the WhatsApp by visiting the PlayStore itself or by visiting the Apple iOS store.

How to Use the WhatsApp Video Calling Feature?

Now let us know how you can use this feature.

First of all, keep in mind that both you and the person with whom you have to talk to via WhatsApp must have a version of Whatsapp supporting video calling. Only then will this video calling be possible.

First of all open your WhatsApp. Now there are two options for anyone to video call. So let us know about these two options.

The first option is to whomever you want to video call, tap on his DP (Profile Picture) in the WhatsApp chat list. And you will get four options in front of the photo, click on the video call icon. 

The second option is to open the chat of anyone who wants to make a video call and click on the icon on the top and then a pop-up will come in which you have to select Video Call.

Free basic SEO tools and complete information about them

SEO tools that can be used in free

With this tool you can easily check the speed of your website. It is important for every website that they load in a matter of time.
If he is taking too much time, the user might be in trouble then you check the speed of your website and see whether they are mobile friendly or not. It is very important for any website to be mobile friendly.


You can get more than 700+ keyword ideas from your single keyword. So this SEO tool is very good for you, if you want to use it then you just have to enter one keyword, so you will have lots of suggestions and long tail opportunities so that you can select keywords from your own.

3. Google Analytics

With this help you find that the traffic coming to your blog is coming from what is the new user and how much is the returning user. It also tells you about the bounce rate, how much is it.
You get all the information about your user such as city, country, which system is using and many more you can know.

I love this tool because you can know from this tool that what is being searched on the trend in google right now. So you can benefit greatly if you use that keyword to buy good content. You can easily create your content in Google's first page and you will get lots of traffic.

Simply enter your website URL and this tool will give you a sitemap of your website, then you can insert it into the webmaster. You can create a sitemap of any website is very easy.

You can customize the search result of your own website i.e. If you have given a review of something, then you can show a review rating star in it and you have created a schema code, then just paste it into your website. You can also use this wordpress plugin for easy implementation.


What Is SEO? | Search Engine Optimization



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