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Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Hi Friends, If you are reading this post, then you are a blogger. Hope you enjoy your Blogging Journey a lot.
There is no need to tell how important a blogger has for Chrome extensions. Because Google Chrome is an important browser for everyone.

Top 5 Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

LastPass - In short, I tell you here that when you install this LastPass Chrome Extensions in your Google Chorme Browser, you do not have to remember any passwords.

LightShot - If you have LightShot Chrome Extensions then you do not need to do all of this.Simply click on this Chrome Extensions and edit it as you wish and save that too in great quality.

Grammarly - This helps them to write purely in terms of grammar. Not only that, if you accidentally write a word incorrectly, then it highlights it with red so that you can correct that mistake.

Block Site - Through this Chrome Extensions you can block any particular website for a specific time.

Writer - In this way, you save a lot of time and focus only on writing. These Chrome Extensions can be of great benefit to you.


What is Net Banking? Internet banking information

What is Net Banking? - In today's time, online banking allows you to do all the facilities of the home sitting bank through the internet, with the help of which you can sit in the house, anywhere, including money transfer, third party payments etc. You can easily use banking facility on your mobile or computer through the internet. With the help of Internet, we can use the banking facility

What is Net Banking?

 Net banking is a facility provided by the bank in which people can access the bank's facilities through their home computer or mobile internet. Net banking is also called online banking or Internet banking

What can you do with internet banking?

By using internet banking, you can avail of a lot of banking facilities. What can you do using Internet Banking? Here you are being told about some work. 

  • You can check the balance of your account.
  • Check account activity and you can also see account summary (credit / debit). 
  • Transfer money to any beneficiary account. 
  • Adding a new beneficiary account can transfer money to its account. You can set any date for money transfer. 
  • On that day the money will be automatically transferred to that account.
    Online Bill Payments can also be done. 
  • You can download the statement of your account in PDF format. 
  • Net banking can change login password and transmission password.
  •  Net banking allows you to do online shopping. 
  • If you have to pay any online payment on any website, then you can pay using your net banking on there.
  • NetBanking lets you open Fixed Deposit or Recurring Deposit Account.

Competition analysis Tips to boost Your Digital promotion Strategy

It goes while not expression that your business growth partly depends on your ability to dominate your competition and claim the highest seat in your industry’s on-line area.

In order to beat your business by being that go-to business, there are variety of stuff you should kicked off to realize that vary from higher understanding your customers and providing them with the correct content, to creating by removal down at the strategic level with the assistance of a digital promoting agency that gives custom growth stacks for each consumer.

Online competition analysis is one amongst several tasks that may facilitate businesses fine-tune their digital promoting methods. Ideally, this could be performed within the early stage of on boarding.

Whether you're close to take that start to making your digital footprint, or you’ve been up and running and just setting out to analyze your competition’s on-line presence, these 5 tips can assist you get solid insight into what your competitors do to enhance their visibility and growth, and supply you with choices to try and do one thing even higher.

An SEO contestant is somebody UN agency organically ranks for the first search phrases that pertain to your business.

In several cases a company’s actual competitors and their SEO competitors don’t line up and even cross industries. as an example, let’s say there's a fencing faculty that wishes to rank and attract additional students to find out the art of weapon play.

When they do a Google hunt for “fencing in Los Angeles”, each single result on page one amongst the search results is for corporations that build fences for property house owners. though these 2 industries area unit night and day from each other, the fence-building sites area unit SEO competitors for the fencing faculty.

Compile an inventory of the most search phrases that pertain to your business, merchandise and services. Then see UN agency ranks for these terms. If a research result ranks for multiple search phrases then think about this your main contestant.

Additionally you'll enter keywords and see UN agency ranks, however confine mind that customer behavior has modified dramatically. this implies the majority use organic, language once sorting out merchandise and services.

What to do if you lose your smartphone?

Many of our users' personal information is saved in our Smartphone like Contacts, Password and Bank Details etc. So if you ever lose your Smartphone, what will you do? If this happened to you, then we have come up with some tips for you. Which will help you in the situation after losing the Smartphone? Also, what precautions should be taken by Smartphone users, we are also going to tell you in this post.

After losing the Smartphone, do this:

1. After losing the Smartphone, you immediately contact your mobile operator and block the SIM. There is no misuse of your SIM. If you know the IMEI number of your Smartphone, you can also block the handset. The IMEI number is the unique identification number of the handset. IMEI number can be detected by dialling * # 06 # from Smartphone.

2. If the Smartphone is lost, you should report it to the police. Here you will also have to give the Smartphone IMEI number. If you want to lock your handset or SIM, the operator has to give the police FIR copy of the stolen Smartphone. Also, this copy also works in an insurance claim, if your handset is insured then

Take these precautions with Smartphone:

1. A smartphone is used for many purposes except for calls, such as for reading e-mails, checking social media accounts, and using banking apps including shopping. In this way, you should always change your passwords. Also, no banking and password details should be kept in the Smartphone.

2. Always keep a password in the Smartphone. The password of Smartphone should be such that no one can easily break anything. Nowadays, many options like combination password or fingerprint will be given in the Smartphone. You can also turn on location in the Smartphone. After losing the Smartphone, you can block the Smartphone remotely by visiting the Internet. Data can also be deleted as well.

3. After losing the Smartphone, the biggest damage to the users is the contact and photos. In this case, you always keep the Smartphone synced with the online storage service.


How to Apply Email Subscribe to Blogger Blog

Dear Readers In today's post, I will tell you how to apply an email subscribe widget to your blog. If you are a blogger then you must know how important the Email Subscribe widget is for our blog. The benefit of putting an email subscription widget is that all visitors to your site are received by each of your post emails.

If you want to increase your blog's traffic and want to give the Notification about the New Posts of the Blog to Old Visitors, then you can get help from the Email Subscribing Service, today is the most Famous and Free Feed burner Email Service.

The quality of which is also very good feed burner Google started by almost all those people who use free email, they use feed burner to send email. You can help your Subscribers with Free in your Blog Can send notifications of new posts.

How to find an email subscribe widget on Blogger blog?

First, go to Site of Feed Burner and register your site.

- Log in to your blog dashboard >> layout >> add a widget >> click on by emile
- Now a new page will open

1) Title - Here you write Follow by Email
2) feed burner URL - Here you can add Link to your feed burner account
3) Finally click save
- Now click on Save Template
- Now you can open your blog and see the email subscribe widget there.

How to bring back deleted photos from mobile?

Everybody likes photography from a smartphone. Everyone wants to save their photos in their phone. If you ever deleted your photos by mistake, then what do you do?

Today, we are going to tell you a method that you can use to get your deleted photos back. You only have to do some work for this. With this help, deleted photos from your phone can be recovered and that too in just 15 to 20 minutes.
For this you have the Toolkit Android Data Recovery providing you with the best user interface from other toolkits in the market. This Toolkit supports 6000+ Android devices around the world. Let's see how to use this tool.

First of all, download 'Android Data Recovery' and install it on your PC or Mac. Let us know that it also supports MAC.

Run the application on your PC and click on the "Data Recovery" option from all the options given. Now, you have to connect to the device from which you want to retrieve the photo via Data Cable.

You may be asked to allow USB debugging mode, if you have not enabled it on your Android phones before. Now just follow the instructions below.

Your device is now successfully connected. Now you will see a window with many types of files, which can be recovered again. Deselect all and select only the 'Gallery' option. Now click on 'Next' to proceed.

Now in this step you can see two modes, one is a standard mode and the second is the advance mode. For your first try, Standard Mode is recommended. Now, let us accept the warning message and click Next.

The process of scanning has started now. This process will take some time to complete. Keep your device connected to the computer during this entire process.

You will be able to see all the photos of your gallery as soon as the Scan process is complete. Click 'Gallery' on the left side of the menu. Now select the photos and click 'Recover' which you want on your Android device.

What are Online Marketing?

One way to reach your product through the online internet is to use the logo in the global market, in which you can globally promote your product or brand through digital equipment such as mobile and computer. This is what we know by the name of digital marketing or online internet marketing.

The way we promote offline advertising through leaflets, pamphlet, poster, banner, is done in the same way as online internet marketing or digital marketing. The main purpose of both is to reach more and more people. But through digital marketing, you can reach the global market at a lower cost.

Nowadays, big political parties are also proposing digital and online internet marketing to promote their party, and it is also being successful. So let us know how to advertise with this digital our online internet marketing

how do online marketing

1- Display Advertising
2- Blogging Ads
3- Text Ads
4- SEO or Search Engine Optimization
5- Sponsored Search
6- Social media marketing
7- Mobile Ads
8- Email marketing or Email Ads
9- Chat ads
Now you must understand what is digital or internet marketing and how it is done. And why all national and multinational companies are using it.


How to increase traffic to Blog? 3 Easy & Basic Way

If you really think so. Should increase Traffic of my blog. Then read the post carefully. Actually, there is no secret to increase traffic to Blog. There is only one secret to receive Traffic at Blog. That is SEO If you understand SEO properly So no competitor in the world can stop your blog from coming to Top Position.

That is why, in today, I will tell you the correct way to increase Blog traffic. With which you can easily increase traffic to Blog So, let's know how Blog Traffic How to Increase Blog Traffic

1- Optimize Webpage: - Launching Traffic on our Blog begins with Webpage, how do you think? So friends are actually the difference between a blog and a website, that is Traffic Receive from Home on a website. For example if anyone on YouTube wants to watch a video. So he goes to Direct YouTube's Homepage, and YouTube gets Traffic, but Blog does not have this. Our entire site gets Traffic from our webpage, For example, you searched on the Internet. How to "Increase the Blog's Traffic", Search Engine will show the Webpage of every single blog in front of you.

Let me just explain to you, that, our Total Blog gets Traffic from Single-Single Webpage. That's why, first of all, optimize your webpage. Write SEO Friendly to Your Post Then your Blogpost will be eligible for High Rank. And High Rank means Organic Traffic.

To Optimize Post, follow On-Page SEO, Focus on Image, Heading, Paragraph Focus Keyword and Content Writing in Post.

2- Link Building: - To increase the traffic of Blog, it is important to optimize Post. Link Building is also essential. Link Building is the only way to do this. Which also comes in On-Page SEO. And in Off Page SEO, on the other hand, when you do internal linking in your webpage. So it comes in Type On-Page. And when you leave the link to your site on any other site. We also call it Back-Link, it comes in Type Off-Page.

To increase traffic to Blog, you only need to Focus on 2 types -

i- Internal Link: - When you write an article, you must advertise Related 4-5 Link of the topic in that article. It has considerable advantages. As such, Search Robot quickly learns about your post. Second, the visitor goes to your Old Post. And traffic of our blog increases. And the most important Internal Linking comes from the Old Post to Link Juice. And there is an increase in their ranking.

ii- Backlink: - To increase the traffic of Blog, the most important is Backlink, Backlink and How to create. We have already seen this. Still try to tell you Hyper Link of our Site is present on any other site, and getting Traffic from our Blog from that Link's Other Site, this is called Backlink. And it happens, when we publish a post. Then GoogleBotes crawls it. While crawling, he does ANALYSE our webpage properly. First of all he scans Page Optimization. He sees this, whether the band has optimized Page properly or not.

Almost all Blogger optimize the page from you and yourself. So the question comes in front of Search Engine. That's it, who do you know? That is why he has only one way. Backlinks! Who will have a quality backlink. He will be ranked in the same way.

3- Social Media: - There was a time earlier, Blog's Traffic just grew in organic way. But this is not the case. If you focus on promotion of Blog more than Chating on Social Media. So you will be successful enough to increase Blog Traffic everyone knows. That's the trend of Social Media in the minds of the present-day youth. We just have to do this. That's to create a page for every blog on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+. And every day the link of the new article is to be shared. This will bring High Traffic to our blog.

What is GST (Goods & Service Tax)? What is the benefit of GST?

GST is an indirect tax. Whose name is "Goods and Service Tax". Indirect Tax is the one which is given on the goods or services sold by us or on the construction of it, similarly (G.S.T.) G.T.T. There is also an indirect tax. (G.S.T.) G.T.T. June 30 will be applicable to all India from 12 a.m. (G.S.T.) G.T.T. 4% of 5% 12% 18% 28%.

Central Excise) National Excise
  (Service Tax) Service Tax
  (Vat / Sales Tax) VAT / Sales Tax
  (Entertainment Tax) Entertainment Tax ---- (G.S.T.) Goods and Services Tax
  Luxury Tax Luxury Tax
  Lottery Tax
  (Octroi tax) tax
  Entry Tax Entrance Fee
  (Purchase Tax) Purchase Fee

Used such indirect taxes. Now all of these are indirect tax (Indirect Taxes), an indirect tax (G.S.T.). s. T. All India will be applicable in the year.

As you know, our country has 29 states and 7 union territories. Due to this there are so many indirect taxes, the taxes are also levied by the States. On the basis of the financial condition of the States, which are put on permanent and temporary basis. And the percentage of all these indirect taxes is also different in every state. For this reason (G.S.T.) GST has been implemented. All of this would be a uniform tax and tax rate in India. Closing of the country's 1150 check posts will facilitate the flow of goods as soon as it is implemented. Terminating 16 indirect taxes of the state and the center will also facilitate business.

G.S.T Benefits: - Having the same tax system will also facilitate business, entering business registration and returns will also be easy. There will also be a reduction in paperwork, which will lead to less human labor. There will also be less departmental and business expenses, and both time and money will be saved. Due to various types of tax, it can now be 35%. And 1% were departmental expenses, 2% of legal expenditure and many taxes which were not adjusted by the other tax, or there was no provision of input credit credit.

In the absence of legal documents, it was doubling the item twice. If there was a mistake over the inter-state sale, he would have to take a refund of legal proceedings. His expenses were born differently. And in many cases the proceedings went long. Earlier, the departmental proceedings had to be appealed again by the Tribunal then the Court, the High Court, then the Supreme Court.

 With this, the working capital was stopped due to the continuation of the cease for many years. And the legal expenses of the year were different, which caused a loss to the business or they were closed. Due to all these expenditure and complexity, the speed of the object was increased up to 55%. The direct and final load of which was to the consumer. Due to the complex legal process, there was no foreign investment. And there was no new industry to get started. Due to this, the progress of the nation also suffered. And the lack of jobs, and inflation had to face the Jesse problem. (G.S.T.) G.T.T. In the same tax system and the maximum tax rate of 28%, all these problems will improve.

And a particular information of G.S.T. is an indirect tax. And income tax is a direct tax. The change has just happened in Indirect Taxes. Not Direct (Direct Taxes). Therefore (G.S.T.) G.T.T. There is no relation to income tax, it is common for the general public and business and industry to benefit from GST.

Separate the businessman will get rid of the registration of separate returns and invoices, which will save both time and time and settle the settlement of tax disputes quickly, check all the check posts in the country. With the closure, the flow of goods would have been easy, sending the goods to the branch would be easy. And the common people will get relief in black money and dearness.

The value of the item will be equal and cheaper, as long as the required items are kept in the range of 5% and 12%, food and life saving drugs are kept free of charge. Now, only 8 million people pay tax in India (G.S.T.) G.T.T. The purpose of the government is to increase the scope of tax rather than the tax rate. If more people pay tax then the tax rate will be lower and there will be no loss of revenue as well (G.S.T.) GST The beneficial and biggest tax reform for everyone.


How to make the pen drive bootable

Today, installing a window in any computer is a common thing, but if your dvd is bad then friends? So what will you do in this situation? Yes, in today's scenario, pen drive is how to create a window. That is to say, how to make the Pen drive bootable. By which we will be able to install windows in the computer repeatedly....

How to create a pen drive bootable, to install windows?

Making a pen drive bootable is very important because without a pen drive you can’not install a bootable window. You can make any window bootable, just copy files from that window cd, such as window-xp , got window-7, got done window-8

Let us know that we must do the boot-up.

A-4GB Pendrive minimun

B- WIN TO FLASH | Which you download from here.
     Win to Flash

C- windows copy files This means that you have copied files of window cd that you do not have if you do not have it. Or you can search on the internet, these files will be around 2.5gb.

how to bootable steps by steps Tips-

Step 1. Open Win to Flash software

Step 2. Opening the software will accept some agreement, accept it next.

Step 3. A Wizard will open in front of you, you have to click on the select button, it will

 Show your pen drive. And look at the above, you have to select a file that has been copied to the window.

Step 4. Click on the select button, a popup of Browse for folder will open, in which you have to select the folder that was copied to the windows files from window CD

Step 5. After selection, now you do NEXT.

Step 6. Next will show you a WARNING, keep it going.

1- There will be an agreement on continuing, I do accept the term ... click on it and continue again. Now the pen drive is getting boot.

2-It will take a while to boot. Wait a while.

3-When you're done, please do it next.

4-Just got the pen drive ready. Now you close the win to flash.

E-Now you can now install a window in any computer.

How to Make Blog Popular or Traffics in a Short Time

Today we have brought you a interesting information, which is all about "Blogging" Blogging.

Blog What happens, how do I create? All these people will know, Blog is an information-giving website. In this you have to enter or get information according to your interest.

To create a blog, you can use any platform online, such as Blogger, WordPress etc.
If you have started or started a new blog then you should first be aware that how to promote a blog by creating a blog and how to work on it we will cover in this post. In our previous post, we had to tell what things should be done before starting the blog and stepping into the blogging world.

There are some things in Beginners' mind about how to increase your blog traffic, how to increase your blog's search engine rank, how to grow your blog audience, how to get your blog to top at Google, or how to quickly make your website popular Make, increase blog traffic on blogger, all these questions are our minds.

How to Make Blog Popular or Traffics in a Short Time

Social media has a lot of big business today, even so many big and big movements are also organized. With social media we can also connect with many new people, and also join.

Through Social Media, we can also promote our blog easily because it makes us easier to get posting and traffic. In order to make our blog popular, we should join social media on people who are interested in the topic of our blog and also want to read their posts, in such a way, we should share them with our blog.


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