How to make the pen drive bootable

Today, installing a window in any computer is a common thing, but if your dvd is bad then friends? So what will you do in this situation? Yes, in today's scenario, pen drive is how to create a window. That is to say, how to make the Pen drive bootable. By which we will be able to install windows in the computer repeatedly....

How to create a pen drive bootable, to install windows?

Making a pen drive bootable is very important because without a pen drive you can’not install a bootable window. You can make any window bootable, just copy files from that window cd, such as window-xp , got window-7, got done window-8

Let us know that we must do the boot-up.

A-4GB Pendrive minimun

B- WIN TO FLASH | Which you download from here.
     Win to Flash

C- windows copy files This means that you have copied files of window cd that you do not have if you do not have it. Or you can search on the internet, these files will be around 2.5gb.

how to bootable steps by steps Tips-

Step 1. Open Win to Flash software

Step 2. Opening the software will accept some agreement, accept it next.

Step 3. A Wizard will open in front of you, you have to click on the select button, it will

 Show your pen drive. And look at the above, you have to select a file that has been copied to the window.

Step 4. Click on the select button, a popup of Browse for folder will open, in which you have to select the folder that was copied to the windows files from window CD

Step 5. After selection, now you do NEXT.

Step 6. Next will show you a WARNING, keep it going.

1- There will be an agreement on continuing, I do accept the term ... click on it and continue again. Now the pen drive is getting boot.

2-It will take a while to boot. Wait a while.

3-When you're done, please do it next.

4-Just got the pen drive ready. Now you close the win to flash.

E-Now you can now install a window in any computer.

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