What is Content Marketing?

Nowadays we have been hearing a lot about Digital Marketing, the largest part of it is #Content Marketing.

First of all, we will see what is this content?

Content means all things that you see in a website or newspaper such as Images, Texts, Videos etc. The main reason to use this is to attract people. Draw more and more people towards yourself. Large sadi big companies adopt this strategy.

Content marketing means in simple terms to create such content and to reach the logo Which are related to their products and the people come to them. It can also say that the story is telling but it should be attractive.

Parts  of Content Marketing

Images are the most important part of content marketing. You just have to go through a single image Can reach the logo For example, there is an image that is a photograph of that the perticular thing is related to a cricket or sports related product or virat kohli in which he is in the cricket jersey, then you can estimate there may be a commercial ad.

2. Text
It is used to tell what exactly the cellar wants to tell? If there is a complete
picture of him about the picture of a shoe, what is the specialty of the shoes
and the people will love to buy it.
Anything can be reached by this very soon. Such as promoting a product by 
advertising on TV.If a company uses it to sell its products, then it is considered
to be the best step. In today's era, social media is used by everyone,it is 
mostly used by most major brands Because he can pay advertising on social media.
4. Infographics Images

It means writing the text above the images. If a car company wants to market a new car of its own
then he writes the photographs of his car along with his features, so that the people can get all 
the news in one place. 

Nowadays digital marketing is accumulating in the whole world. Seeing it It can be assumed that what will be dominated in the coming years. As the main part of content marketing, its importance has increased. We know that anyone hires content writers with a new website or blog because they know what is it about?

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  2. Not just images, but I think design is the more correct term

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