What's the difference in Update Vs Upgrade?

You have seen times when you need to update the software running in your system and sometimes it needs to be upgraded, it shows that there are some differences between the two things. But both of them have to do some modification in the system

What is the update ?
When we perform an update on our system, it performs changes on the application or the operating system without effecting the core part of the application or the operating system, your system regularly changes any changes such as Bug Fixes, Security Patches, Adding Support For Drivers and Newer Hardware, etc. It is called update.
The size of an update is small, which does not take much time to perform. The update is always for a particular application or a software whose size is in kilobyte or sometimes even goes to megabytes.
What is a Upgrade?
When we perform a Major Changes on any software or operating system on our system, so that your software or operating system changes, we call the upgrade, so switching from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 is called Operating System Upgrade.
An upgrade mostly focuses on GUIs of most systems and adds new features and options that are not present in your old software or in the version of the operating system, so an upgrade can be in several gigabyte sizes.
Updates are always free, i.e. no money of any kind is paid because you keep paying all the money while purchasing the software. This is one reason why you take a lot of money when you get a new Windows based OS. Updates of Windows are available free of charge, at the same time there are many such open source software vendors who offer both software and their updates for free.

This does not happen with the upgrade, as many as software vendors are probably taking money for your upgrade as big companies such as Windows and MacOS do.

As I have mentioned earlier, updates take less time to install but an upgrade is taking a lot of time to install and it is quite complicated and difficult because the data is replaced or copied in very large amounts. .

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