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Whatsapp's Video Calling Feature

Now this feature has been rolled out for Android, iPhone, and Windows users.
All you have to do now is whether you have Android or whether the iPhone is, updating your WhatsApp with a newer version. 

If your phone has automatic updates set then maybe your WhatsApp is already updated, but if not, you will have to update the WhatsApp by visiting the PlayStore itself or by visiting the Apple iOS store.

How to Use the WhatsApp Video Calling Feature?

Now let us know how you can use this feature.

First of all, keep in mind that both you and the person with whom you have to talk to via WhatsApp must have a version of Whatsapp supporting video calling. Only then will this video calling be possible.

First of all open your WhatsApp. Now there are two options for anyone to video call. So let us know about these two options.

The first option is to whomever you want to video call, tap on his DP (Profile Picture) in the WhatsApp chat list. And you will get four options in front of the photo, click on the video call icon. 

The second option is to open the chat of anyone who wants to make a video call and click on the icon on the top and then a pop-up will come in which you have to select Video Call.


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